Monday, January 2, 2012

Creating a Goodreads Shelf--Finally!

Some of our kiddos taking a moment to READ
My pal LibLaura5 has been a much more active blogger and reader than I have for the Caldecott Challenge these past few days. My family is finally home from visiting the in-laws in North Dakota. We traveled to Jamestown (which is almost the geographical center of North America as my 10 year old niece pointed out to me--just in case you were wondering) and celebrated the holdidays.

My husband is child number five of eight children--many who now have their own children. It was a whirlwind of a trip, very noisy (not much reading to be done), and a lot of fun. I did get to talk books with lots of the kiddos and their moms. It is fun to see what my family is reading, and recommend books to them.

Needless to say, I am finally feeling like I am getting on board for the Caldecott Challenge.  The bad news is...I could see readers tweeting away and could not join in with the talk (I finally just put my phone away it was just too painful).  The good news is...being late on the bandwagon, much of the legwork of getting books on my to-read shelf was already done.  My goodreads shelf practically created itself--so yeah for that. So join our challenge over on Laura's page--and go check out our Caldecott Challenge Shelves--and "steal" away--I did.

There are still many Honor books to be added--Laura has a great little tutorial and list started over on her blog.  Check it out.

*photo taken by my brother-in-law and photographer Stephen Geffre

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