Monday, February 6, 2017

Parent Child Book Club 2017

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4th Grade

In 4th grade, students did research on States. They found information about the state geography, famous landmarks, history, tourism, industry, and other fun information.

After the research process, I met with classes to create a SMORE, an online newsletter site. I have a classroom subscription and it worked really well for kids to create online content to share. I taught students about giving credit to photos. My best find for this unit was PHOTOS FOR CLASS. This site gives:

  • Age Appropriate Images 

  • Automatic Citation (See my Minnesota photo for citation)
  • Photos from Creative Commons
    Students had a lot of fun creating their projects. We hope you enjoy them!

    STUDENTS-- Type your FIRST NAME, CLASS, and STATE , then copy your URL


    Friday, February 3, 2017

    3rd Grade Research

    In 3rd grade this year our research topic changed to reflect new standards in our district. This year students researched people that changed history. Our research process focused more on using a new type of resource (the online encyclopedia) as in second grade students had a lot of experience using books, ebooks, and databases (PebbleGo).

    I first taught students what an encyclopedia was, and we did an encyclopedia scavenger hunt. Then students learned how to use the online Encyclopedia Britanica. Students practiced using the online encyclopedia with me to research Nelson Mandela. They also practiced looking up other history makers in the classroom.

    The students then got to choose a history maker to research. In library they used the computers to research using the online encyclopedia.

    Classes then wrote paragraphs. I combined them into an eBook.

    Mr. Hessler's Class Book

    Ms. Marek's Class Book

    Mrs. Bros' Class Book 
    (Mrs. Bros' students took all of the photos of their work themselves! Nice job!)