Thursday, May 25, 2017

Maud Hart Lovelace Celebration

These kiddos make me love my job! They read all of the state nominated books for Maud Hart Lovelace Division One! Kids today are pretty great! Plus-- look at my adorable cupcakes:)

We had a party and played a BATTLE OF THE BOOKS and ate snacks. A great afternoon!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

6th Grade Non Fiction Book Reviews

Hard at work!
Sixth grade teachers asked me if I would pull some interesting non-fiction books that students could read. Each student then chose a book that was of high interest to them. Students were given two weeks to read their books. Their teachers worked with students to write a summary of the book and a book review. Students also picked out important vocabulary and interesting facts they learned.

When students were ready to publish their review, I pushed into each sixth grade room to teach students how to use SMORE to create an online flier. I have a classroom subscription and will renew my subscription next year. I used it earlier this year with our 4th grade state research. It is a versatile easy to use tool for students (and adults). I can't recommend it enough! See our book review below. They turned out great!



1.Sara G.40.Sam L. 6C79.Ronan L. (6R)
2.Maceo Y. (6MW)41.Ansel E.80.CHAOMING YANG
3.Falnyi.B 6mw42.Sydney H. (6C)81.CHAOMING Y.
4.Anna C43.Sophia Y.82.CHAOMING Y.( 6R)
5.Hannah B.44.Matthew R (6C)83.Neya V.
6.Minseo K (6MW)45.Ellie B. (6C)84.Everett A.
7.Lily P. (6MW)46.Holden S. (6C)85.Amir mohamed
8.Velvet Y. (6MW)47.Amaya M.86.Grayson C.
9.Hannah B. (6mw)48.Jordan D. (6C)87.Avery C.( 6R)
10.Anna C (6MW)49.Johannes D.88.Olivia H. 6R
11.Tyler N.50.Brandon V.( 6C)89.Xiaohuai Huang
12.A.J. G. 6MW51.Joshlyn.G (6C)90.Anthony K.( 6R)
13.Second Y. (6MW)52.Alex Y.91.Sadie M.
14.Tyler N. (6MW)53.Sadiq A. (6C)92.Stephen N.
15.samuel bk 6mw54.Jana B.93.Nathan G. (6R)
16.Anwar H (6MW)55.Ansel E. (6T)94.Citlaly A.F
17.William N (6MW)56.Darius L. (6C)95.Haneen A. (6r)
18.Sara G. 6MW)57.Mason Y. (6T)96.Angeles R.( 6R)
19.Alicia L. (6MW)58.Sadiq A. (6C)97.Anthony K.( 6R)
20.cleary a (6MW)59.Camille C 6C98.Grayson C. (6R)
21.stella km 6mw60.Ansel E. (6T)99.Nour D. (6R)
22.Adrian L61.Abby R. (6C)100.Everett A. (6R)
23.Wendy S (6MW)62.Charlie M (6C)101.Connor .L
24.Jackson Q. (6MW)63.Alejandra [6C]102.Kaylee F. (6R)
25.yuhon m (6mw)64.LANDON B ( 6C )103.khaison t
26.Eli W. (6MW)65.Jana B. (6C)104.khaison t
27.Yaseen H. (6MW)66.Daviana K.105.Stephen N.
28.Erica G(6mw)67.Evie A. (6C)106.Everett A. (6R)
29.Enrique v. (6mw)68.Alex Y. (6C)107.Everett A. (6R)
30.Alexandro L. (6MW)69.owen 6c108.Angelica B.C. (6R)
31.Austin N.( 6MW)70.Charlie M (6C)109.Lucia D. (6R)
32.Kaycie S (6MW)71.Mason Y. (6T)110.matthew k
33.Abdi M. (6MW)72.Joshlyn.G (6C)111.Dylan
34.Kacia C (6MW)73.Layla 6C112.Dylan 6C
35.Nehemiah Y. (6MW)74.Meric S.( 6R)113.Olivia H. 6R
36.William N (6MW)75.Jino E.M. (6R)114.Juan V. (6R)
37.Landon.o [6mw]76.Toby B. (6r)115.Daniela C.
38.William N (6MW)77.Melala L.( 6R)116.Oliver L. (6MW)
39.Nathaniel L. (6C)78.Rex J.