Monday, December 21, 2015



In 6th grade this year our students studied artists in their homerooms. In art class, the students learned about different styles of art and then researched an artist that interested them. They then created a piece of artwork in the style of the artist they studied. Students learned about sharing information through infographics in library time. Mr. Moore the art teacher taught the students some graphic art basic fundamentals. I then took the students to the labs and we learned how to tie everything together into making an infographic. Their classroom teachers helped students complete their projects.

Check out the awesome work we did:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hour of Code

Our entire school has joined in on the largest education event in history: The Hour of Code. During Computer Science Education Week and throughout all of December, every one of our students will be amongst over 2 million worldwide spending one hour learning the basics of computer programming.

Find out more at: 

Hour of Code is a one-hour activity. Students of all ages can choose from a variety of self-guided tutorials, for kindergarten and up. Tutorials work on any modern browser, tablet, or smartphone. Learn more at

Brimhall Kids Code

Try coding activities at home It teaches great problem solving skills, and is a lot of fun. My own kids have been learning a lot (so have I!).


iPad Apps

Monday, November 23, 2015

Victoria Forrester Author Visit

Author Victoria Forrester came and talked with our 4-6th grade classes about her books The Girl Who Could Fly and The Boy Who Knew Everything.

It was an exciting visit. Ms. Forrester talked with us about the writing process and the publishing process. She showed us some of the movies she wrote before her novel.

We love meeting real authors at Brimhall. What an inspiration for our students.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Salina Yoon Author Visit

This week, author and illustrator Salina Yoon visited our kindergarten, first and second graders. She talked with our students about how she creates stories. She told us that when she was a girl, she moved to America from Korea and did not speak English. After working really hard-- she followed her dream to write stories and make illustrations for books. She has written over 150 books! We even got to see how she makes pictures of penguin. Some of our students got to help her too!
Signing books in the library
Students help draw penguin!
Students help draw penguin!
Ms. Yoon draws penguin

Salina Yoon and me!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Library Orientation

At Brimhall School we show Bengal Pride:
Care of Property
Best Effort

Here are some ways we show Bengal Pride in the Library!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Katherine Applegate Author Visit

When I found out that Newbery Award winning author Katherine Applegate was going to visit our school, I was overwhelmed with emotion. She is one of my favorite authors and writes such beautiful books. Wow! What an honor.

And, what a great day it was! Applegate talked with us about her process and doing research to get into the character of Ivan. She showed us lots of information about Gorillas and the real Ivan. She also talked with us about finding books we love to read and writing. She answered a lot of our questions too. We all loved her presentation.

Ms. Applegate was gracious and a lot of fun to talk with. She also signed a lot of books! Kids at Brimhall love Ivan!

Here are a few videos about Ivan the Gorilla--there are even more online!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Minnesota Youth Reading Awards

 Brimhall students participate in the Minnesota Youth Reading Awards each year. Students in kindergarten, first, and second grade participated in the Star of the North Award and read the ten nominated picture books. Students in grades three through six had the opportunity participate in the Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award to read the nominated titles. If they read three or more of the nominated titles they can vote for their favorite. I can't wait to see Brimhall's top books AND what Minnesota kids choose as their favorite books of the year.


Star of the North
MHL Division 1
MHL Division 2

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2nd Grade Weather Reports

Modeling Note taking
 In second grade we have been practicing our research skills all year. We are really good at it. These past few weeks the 2nd grade teachers and I collaborated to make one of our big projects of the year. WEATHER RESEARCH which goes with their science outcomes.

We started by having the students by having students come up with questions they wanted to learn ablout extreme weather. Then students practiced note taking with their classroom teachers about Droughts using PEBBLE GO.
Taking Notes
Students were then broken into groups to research different extreme weather. Classes came to the library and took notes in small groups about different extreme weather using the skills they have been practicing this year.
Using Pebble Go

Next students came to the library and I modeled note taking skills using nonfiction books. I modeled using the topic droughts, and students researched their own topics. After they had notes, students wrote paragraphs about their topics. Students have been learning a lot about writing paragraphs in class. Students then created a news report about their weather.

In library we turned their reports into news LIVE NEWS programs. Check them out. They are AMAZING! (each class will be posted as they complete the project).

Working Together

Friday, March 6, 2015

3rd Grade Research

Our 3rd grade students have been working on their research skills. Students worked with small groups to do research on different Southwest and Great Basin Native American groups of the United States. Students used books and the database Pebble Go Next to learn about the group they were studying.

Each student was responsible to research one or more aspects of their Native American group and then write a paragraph and illustrate a page for their group eBook.  It is so much fun to see how much students grow in their note taking abilities over the years.

Please check out our eBooks. We made them in Flipsnack EDU. I will post each class as they complete their project. Click on the group to see the eBook.





Friday, February 20, 2015

Blogging with 6th Grade

Sixth graders have been leaning about the Voyageurs in their Social Studies Class. For their final project, students were asked to journal in the voice of a voyageur.

Students typed their entries up in class, and I worked with them to create a blog. We learned that:
  • Blogs are a more informal way of communicating online
  • Blogs are like a journal with newest entries on the top of the page
  • Blogs are used for many reasons (hobbies, teaching tool, journal...)
  • Blogs are a way to publish online-- some people are even paid to blog!
  • Blogs are a type of digital media and are interactive
  • Blogs are fun and easy to make
See our Voyageur blogs:
1.Andrew G. (6T)31.Lesli61.Shelby( 6k)
2.Ruby (6T)32.Anisha G.( 6m)62.Ausiah Habib (6k)
3.Elisha B. (6T)33.Manentila J (6M)63.Zosh A. T.
4.Elise R. (6T)34.Annie (6M)64.Lilyth S. (6k)
5.Haven H. (6T)35.Rohan (6m)65.Iliana B.( 6K)
6.Bailey (6T)36.Grace Y (6M)66.Alyssa (6k)
7.Maria (6T)37.Emia( 6m)67.Ausiah Habib (6k)
8.Jana (6T)38.Grace H (6M)68.Rahceana( 6R
9.Lila (6T)39.Lesli (6m)69.Ella C. (6R)
10.Louisa (6T)40.Randall (6M)70.Alexander Rademacher (6R)
11.Jojo B.( 6T)41.Alex (6M)71.Nicholai M. (6R)
12.Abdullahi M. (6T)42.Sam (6M)72.Sarah (6R)
13.Nick F. (6T)43.Abigail (6M)73.Nicholas P (6R)
14.Kathrine M.44.Sophia G (6M)74.Angel (6R)
15.brody (6T)45.Wil( 6M)75.Rahceana( 6R
16.Amelia (6T)46.Fernando (6M)76.Jennifer (6R)
17.Andrew F. (6T)47.Jade[ 6K]77.Jeremiah.l (6R)
18.Tyler N [6T]48.Leo[ 6K]78.Joseph A. (6R)
19.Youssef [6T]49.Severin (6K)79.Solomon (6R)
20.Liam (6T)50.Burke [6K]80.David [6R]
21.Jonah (6T)51.Cory K[6k]81.kelly-Jo Ngwa (6R)
22.Jason.L (6T)52.Paige V. (6K)82.Marcus Lund (6R)
23.Nicholas DeSantis (6T)53.Eric L. (6K)83.Hamad (6R)
24.Mike O. (6T)54.Ketim( 6K)84.Marin[ 6R]
25.Jonah (6T)55.Naomi N. (6K)85.Samia A. (6R)
26.Pengsu56.Jason W 6(K)86.Mattias D. (6R)
27.Grace W (6m)57.Qiuning D. (6K)87.Shayan (6R)
28.Liv( 6M)58.Diontae[ 6K]88.Elise (6M)
29.Jing L. (6M)59.Cailan (6K)89.Taylor Steiner
30.Zack (6m)60.Armando V. (6K)