Wednesday, May 13, 2020

6th Grade Minnesota Industries

Our 6th Graders have been learning about different industries through distance learning. Their teaacher and I collaborated over ZOOM and a few phone calls to create a mini research project and tech project using SMORE. We created online tutorials for students to take notes, create Smore accounts, get images from The Minnesota Historical Society, and create their Smore. Check out their amazing work:

Students-- watch this tutorial to see how to upload your link:

  • First Last (grade teacher) --- Anna Z. (6R)

Thursday, April 30, 2020

State Research

In 4th Grade students have been using Pebble Go Next and ELM Resources to complete research on different states during distance learning. Earlier this year, students learned how to use Smore to make an online poster about themselves in preparation for this project. As we are in distance learning, their classroom teachers and I are very happy that we prepped our students at school. Our students worked hard at home to research different states and share their learning using technology skills.

Check out our amazing work!

Students please link your Smore here:

First Name and last initial (teacher) -- Anna Z. (4M)

Thursday, March 5, 2020

6th Grade Websites

In 6th Grade, student are learning about the Civil War. In Social Studies they did research on Absent Narratives from most History Books for this time period with their classroom teacher, Natalie Ramirez. She provided them with resources to learn about people involved in the Civil War that many people don't know about.

I went into their classroom early this week, and taught students how to make a website using Google Sites. Check out our AMAZING work!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

4th Grade Smores

In getting prepped for our spring research project one of our 4th grade teachers and I collaborated to teach students how to get photos from PHOTOS FOR CLASS and insert them into a SMORE. We decided to teach the technology around something simple (the kids) so that they could concentrate only on the tech. Next month, they will use this tool to show the research they complete. Check out what they made!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Oral Histories

My student teacher this year Molly Hazelton has an expertise in Oral History. The past few years, she has collected oral histories of Nuns internationally as an archive librarian. We decided to create a unit for 6th grade students to teach about narratives that may not be recorded in their social studies books.

Looking at 6th grade Social Studies and ELA outcomes-- we collaborated with classroom teachers to create a small unit around oral histories.

Our goals were:
  • Students would understand the difference between Primary Sources and Secondary Sources
  • Students would understand what and Oral History is
  • Students would understand how history is recorded-- whose story is told
  • Student would understand that Facts are important and that narratives are too
  • Students would learn what makes a good interview question
  • Students would write interview questions with a purpose
  • Students would practice interviewing each other
  • Students would perform interviews to collect immigration stories
Students worked in small groups after a series of lessons to write questions for our interviewees. They came up with a set of questions that we shared with the interviewees in advance. We then used the Voice Memo app on iPads to record our interviews. They are amazing! I am so proud of the work they did.

 **A thank you to Codrina E.-P. for her interview which she wanted shared only with 6th grade classes.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Citing Websites and Online Images

I have noticed that students in grades 5 and 6 understand why images and websites must be given credit while doing research and projects. I have found that students have had a difficult time using correct MLA citation format and locating all of the parts of a site that are important to cite.

This year, I decided to create some lessons with my student teacher Molly Hazelton to teach students the parts of a website, how to copy and paste, as well as places to find free use images (we used Creative Commons).

I first taught students how to site websites using the above table. We assigned students a partner and after modeling to the class and providing them a sample to use-- the students were assigned 4 websites to site using this sheet that had websites linked up.

The following day- students practiced independently in class using this sheet. Molly made a video for the students to review the skills they had been taught. After their first day of practice she looked at what students had trouble with, and highlighted those skills.

Students are understanding that they can't just take images off of the internet-- so it is working!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Podcasts With 3rd Grade

In 3rd grade students researched people that changed history. Our research process focused more on using a new type of resource (the online encyclopedia) as in second grade students had a lot of experience using books, ebooks, and databases (PebbleGo).

I first taught students what an encyclopedia was, and we did an encyclopedia scavenger hunt. Then students learned how to use the online Encyclopedia Britanica. Students practiced using the online encyclopedia with me to research Nelson Mandela. They also practiced looking up other history makers in the classroom.

The students then got to choose a history maker to research. In library they used the computers to research using the online encyclopedia.

For their final product, students wrote paragraphs about their famous person which they turned into podcasts made in Clips.  Students listened to podcasts and learned the communication skills needed to project their voice and to teach people about their topics.  Classes brainstormed what makes a good podcast and tried to incorporate an introduction and conclusion into their podcast research. Classes made titles to fit their class podcast. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

Mrs. Bros's Podcast - "Listen to Me"

Ms. Plana's Podcast - "What Did They Do?"

Mr. Hessler's Podcast - "Research Reputation"

Mr. Sweeny's Podcast