Friday, June 3, 2016

2nd Grade Tech Projects

This year, 2nd grade teachers tried a couple of new apps to share student learning.

Ms. Olson had her class write about what they were proud of this year. The students came to the library and took their own photos of their work and then used FOTOBABBLE to create sharable presentations. If you are looking for the app for your iPad, it is technically an iPhone app--so you need to search accordingly. It took me a while to find it, so hopefully that saves some time.

Here is a link to her projects. It takes a few minutes to load up, but they are so cute--so let them load up!

Mrs. Anderson's class went outside and took notes about an object found in nature. Then they wrote haikus about the objects. I then taught students how to take photos using the iPad. We then went outsid and took photos of our object in nature.  Next, we logged on to Haiku Deck, uploaded the picture, typed poems and then published them.  We had some minor technical difficulties-- but students were patient and we got it done. Click here to see 2A Haiku Deck Projects. They are beautiful!

These were fun projects. It is so much fun to collaborate with these classrooms.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

6th Grade Web Pages

In 6th grade, students studied various topics linked to the time period of World War I, Boom and Bust (1920’s and 1930’s ) as well as World War II. They gathered research around three areas in class. S 

I then pushed into their classrooms and taught students how to use GOOGLE SITES through their GOOGLE APPs accounts. Students created different layouts and themes. They also created multiple pages to share their information. Students learned how to create titles, tabs, locate and insert pictures and track sources.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

3rd Grade Research

Our 3rd grade students have been working on their research skills. Students worked with small groups to do research on different Southwest and Great Basin Native American groups of the United States. Students used books to research the group they were studying.

Each student was responsible to research one or more aspects of their Native American group and then write a paragraph(s) and illustrate a page for their group eBook. We had a lesson on evaluating images and stereotypes before students created their images.

It is so much fun to see how much students grow in their note taking abilities over the years.

Please check out our eBooks. We made them in Flipsnack EDU. Click on the group to see the eBook.



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sarah Mylnowski- Author Visit

On Monday, author Sarah Mylnowski came to talk with our 2nd-4th graders about her books and the writing process. Students got to brainstorm how a story could be made. She also told us how her love of fairy tales and writing stories about real kids helped her think of the ideas for her books. Our students got to ask questions and learn more about what it is like to be an author.
After the presentation Ms. Mylnowski signed over 100 books for our students! It was a great day!

Signing books!

Me and Sarah Mylnowski! I love author visits!

That's a lot of books!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kindergarten Research

Its Research Time!
Kindergartners at Brimhall have been working hard to learn about Minnesota animals for their
Minnesota Program. In library, we learned about the research process. We used our eBooks to practice taking notes together. I modeled to students how pictures (and words) can answer the questions we had about the animals we were going to research. Students decided they wanted to find out:
  • What the animal looks like?
  • What the animal eats?
  • Where the animal lives?

The following weeks, we took notes using Pebble Go and books about the animals. A few of our 6th grade helpers came over their recess and helped the kindergartners by asking them questions and sounding out words. After the research was completed in the library students wrote reports in their classrooms. That week in library-- students practiced using the app Little Bird Tales to learn how to create images.

Then, all classes came back to the library to create images of their animal. They are ADORABLE! Another BIG thank you to the TAs and Parent Volunteers that helped make this process easier for the kindergarten teachers and myself. Make sure to check out our work below. Once the pictures were done, the kindergarten TAs recorded the voices of the kiddos reading their work. Again-- ADORABLE! It is amazing how quickly kids voices change-- what a great keepsake. (THANK YOU Kindergarten TAs!!)

Enjoy our work! I have posted it by classroom!


*Photos by Mrs. Showalter