Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In 6th grade, students are learning about nutrition in their Health class. I collaborated with their teacher to create a culminating project to teach others about what they had researched and learned. We decided to try creating infographics as a way to share information. Infographics are a visual way of presenting information. Students learned about infographics during their library time--and we viewed a lot of infographics on the internet. I then went into their classroom, and taught them how to create an infographic.

1.Lydia [6- K]21.Rhea (6K)41.madalyn 6w
2.Elizabeth (6- K)22.Sylvia (6- R)42.Oskar 6-W
3.Olivia( 6K)23.Michelle (6-K) Final43.Jack 6w
4.Melissa Final (6K)24.Indira (6R)44.jonathan( 6W)
5.Acer (6K)25.Bjorn (6W)45.leeminja
6.Jaden (6K)26.Miranda( 6W)46.Amya
7.Hussein27.Nathan (6W)47.kelly
8.Olivia ' 6R'28.Denis( 6J)48.Minjae 6W
9.Lisan29.Eric (6W)49.Lucas( 6W)
10.Maxine( 6- K)30.Tatum (6W)50.Tiiso 6W
11.hussein31.Hayley (6W)51.Olivia (6W)
12.Kaitlyn (6-K) Final32.Bella (6W)52.Lucas( 6W)
13.Jaden (6K) Final33.pasy (6W)53.Sherrie 6w
14.Ethan( 6- K)34.carly 6w54.Madison 6-W
15.Carrie (6- K)35.Yaodong( 6w)55.Olivia Final (6W)
16.hussein {6- k}36.changyoon (6W)56.Yujin( 6W)
17.Olivia( 6K) FINAL37.Derek (6W)57.Lucas( 6W)
18.Lydia [6-K] Final38.caitlyn 6-w58.Yujin( 6W)
19.Anna Final Version (6- K)39.Eleanor (6w)59.You're next!
20.Laura (6- K)40.Antavion (6R)

We learned about copyright of images and using the Creative Commons as a resource to find free licenses of images. We learned about citing our sources as well. Students then learned some tools to insert images into their infographic and alter them if needed.
**I was inspired to try making infographics after I read Tamara Cox's post on infographics on her blog The Eliterate Librarian. I also got a lot of great information about teaching  infographics from Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything Page.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It is election day at Brimhall School. Our students are voting for the last name of our mascot Blaze. It is fun to see them excited to vote. Students may go with their families to vote at the polls tonight to vote in the KIDS VOTING election. It is a great way for kids to experience elections in the real world.
So--go out and vote! If you need to know your polling place in Minnesota, use the poll finder. Super fast, and easy.