Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2nd Grade Weather Reports

Modeling Note taking
 In second grade we have been practicing our research skills all year. We are really good at it. These past few weeks the 2nd grade teachers and I collaborated to make one of our big projects of the year. WEATHER RESEARCH which goes with their science outcomes.

We started by having the students by having students come up with questions they wanted to learn ablout extreme weather. Then students practiced note taking with their classroom teachers about Droughts using PEBBLE GO.
Taking Notes
Students were then broken into groups to research different extreme weather. Classes came to the library and took notes in small groups about different extreme weather using the skills they have been practicing this year.
Using Pebble Go

Next students came to the library and I modeled note taking skills using nonfiction books. I modeled using the topic droughts, and students researched their own topics. After they had notes, students wrote paragraphs about their topics. Students have been learning a lot about writing paragraphs in class. Students then created a news report about their weather.

In library we turned their reports into news LIVE NEWS programs. Check them out. They are AMAZING! (each class will be posted as they complete the project).

Working Together

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