Friday, February 20, 2015

Blogging with 6th Grade

Sixth graders have been leaning about the Voyageurs in their Social Studies Class. For their final project, students were asked to journal in the voice of a voyageur.

Students typed their entries up in class, and I worked with them to create a blog. We learned that:
  • Blogs are a more informal way of communicating online
  • Blogs are like a journal with newest entries on the top of the page
  • Blogs are used for many reasons (hobbies, teaching tool, journal...)
  • Blogs are a way to publish online-- some people are even paid to blog!
  • Blogs are a type of digital media and are interactive
  • Blogs are fun and easy to make
See our Voyageur blogs:
1.Andrew G. (6T)31.Lesli61.Shelby( 6k)
2.Ruby (6T)32.Anisha G.( 6m)62.Ausiah Habib (6k)
3.Elisha B. (6T)33.Manentila J (6M)63.Zosh A. T.
4.Elise R. (6T)34.Annie (6M)64.Lilyth S. (6k)
5.Haven H. (6T)35.Rohan (6m)65.Iliana B.( 6K)
6.Bailey (6T)36.Grace Y (6M)66.Alyssa (6k)
7.Maria (6T)37.Emia( 6m)67.Ausiah Habib (6k)
8.Jana (6T)38.Grace H (6M)68.Rahceana( 6R
9.Lila (6T)39.Lesli (6m)69.Ella C. (6R)
10.Louisa (6T)40.Randall (6M)70.Alexander Rademacher (6R)
11.Jojo B.( 6T)41.Alex (6M)71.Nicholai M. (6R)
12.Abdullahi M. (6T)42.Sam (6M)72.Sarah (6R)
13.Nick F. (6T)43.Abigail (6M)73.Nicholas P (6R)
14.Kathrine M.44.Sophia G (6M)74.Angel (6R)
15.brody (6T)45.Wil( 6M)75.Rahceana( 6R
16.Amelia (6T)46.Fernando (6M)76.Jennifer (6R)
17.Andrew F. (6T)47.Jade[ 6K]77.Jeremiah.l (6R)
18.Tyler N [6T]48.Leo[ 6K]78.Joseph A. (6R)
19.Youssef [6T]49.Severin (6K)79.Solomon (6R)
20.Liam (6T)50.Burke [6K]80.David [6R]
21.Jonah (6T)51.Cory K[6k]81.kelly-Jo Ngwa (6R)
22.Jason.L (6T)52.Paige V. (6K)82.Marcus Lund (6R)
23.Nicholas DeSantis (6T)53.Eric L. (6K)83.Hamad (6R)
24.Mike O. (6T)54.Ketim( 6K)84.Marin[ 6R]
25.Jonah (6T)55.Naomi N. (6K)85.Samia A. (6R)
26.Pengsu56.Jason W 6(K)86.Mattias D. (6R)
27.Grace W (6m)57.Qiuning D. (6K)87.Shayan (6R)
28.Liv( 6M)58.Diontae[ 6K]88.Elise (6M)
29.Jing L. (6M)59.Cailan (6K)89.Taylor Steiner
30.Zack (6m)60.Armando V. (6K)

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