Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Family Affair

The Caldecott Challenge is becoming a family affair.  As the kiddos read in bed last night, my almost five year old gave a shout out from down the hall, "Mom, did Officer Buckle and Gloria win a Caldecott Medal or an Honor?" Tonight, I was late too story time, and stumbled upon this delightful scene.
Husband and Kiddos reading Olivia. Notice F. making a connection.
The kiddos chose Caldecotts again tonight.  They read Olivia (honor book 2001) and Where the Wild Things Are (winner 1965).  Olivia is a favorite at our house because F. has so much in common with this adorable pig.  I love Olivia too--the only fault I have with this book is the recent commercialization of so many "Olivia" books that are not near the same quality.  As I reread Where the Wild Things Are for what seemed like the millionth time, I was again enamored with Maurice Sendak's illustrations and arrangement of his pictures on the page.  Love. Love. Love. This book (but who doesn't?!)

As I went to take photos of Yo! Yes? and Wee Gillis (our reads last night) I could not find them anywhere.  They along with The Big Snow were in our guest bedroom, as F. had chosen them for quiet time today.  These books really do have lasting value, with illustrations that can help a very beginning reader retell a story.

Wee Gillis by Munroe Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson (you might know these two as the guys that brought you Ferdinand) was surprisingly a fun read. The pictures and story were quite delightful.We liked this book a lot.
My Favorite illustrations and todays quiet time favorites
I had read Yo! Yes? (written and illustrated by Chris Raschka) the Honor book for 1994, many times before, but never outloud.  My perceptions of this book changed dramatically as I read it to my kids and as I watched F. reread it to her brother using the different kinds of punctuation to change her expression.  What a fun story. I am now embarrased to say I didn't like it before.

It's not to late to join the Caldecott Challenge.  My family and I would be excited to see what you are reading.


  1. Hi, I'm doing nerdcott too - fun stuff.
    How do you make your picture collages? In another program and them insert into blogger?

  2. Sarah--I upload my photos to Picassa. If you highlight images you can create a collage by hitting a button on the top left side. Then you can move the images around to your liking. I like to make spacers between the photos using one of the set- up features. It is super easy. Then to upload to blogger I have to choose the folder "Picassa" in my photos. Then there is a file called collages. Picassa makes it super easy to upload photos to web, and create an online slideshow that you can insert with HTML coding.

  3. Awesome!! I find adding photos to blogger kind of a pain. This is so helpful, thank you!

  4. Ooooh, thanks for asking the question AISB, I have been wondering that, too! Anna, the photos on your blog look so professional. I am new in the library too (my 2nd year) and new to blogging. I really enjoy your blog and Pintrest posts. Thanks for sharing! Leslie

  5. Thanks, let me know if you need any more info. On my way to check out your blog:)