Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Family Literacy Night

Last night we had a Family Literacy Night for grades K-2.  Over 100 families attended the event, with over 350 people in attendance. Parents and students came to school to read and learn about reading.  It was a lot of fun!

My coworker Melanie Groth and I collaborated and planned an evening for families to read and talk about reading.  Our goals were twofold.  One to reinforce reading skills learned at school and secondly to have families enjoy a night with their child at school.

Families were met at the door and given their schedule for the evening. They then enjoyed a free spaghetti dinner.  After dinner, younger siblings were dropped off at childcare while K-2nd graders and their adult traveled to two stations.

Station 1: Ms. Groth and I led sessions on the importance of reading picture books.  Families talked about the kinds of books they like to read together.  They then heard our brief (5 min) talk on the importance of reading picture books to your child throughout the primary grades.  Students then showed their parents how they checked out books in the library.  Students were excited to show their parents our library and they were thrilled to get to check out a bonus book.
Station 2: Teachers volunteered to lead a modeled reading.  Students listened to a picture book and modeled to their parents that reading is an interactive process--before, during, and after reading.

After our two sessions, the students went and practiced the school fight song while the adults had time to reflect and discuss the things they had experienced.

What a night!

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