Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Love Reading

Surrounded by Caldecotts old and new, tonight I thought about the books I have read so far and the Caldecott Challenge. I have been talking to my students about my reading goals and theirs. I am excited to share some Caldecotts winners with my classes next week as we get prepped for The Caldecotte Award Annoouncement on the 23rd.  I had a volunteer pull all of the Caldecott Winners in my library, and we are going to read/admire/learn about them next week.  Then, I hope they will be checked out! Teachers have also been talking to me about the challenge.

Caldecott Stack and F. sorting Winnerand Honor books
In my reflections, I was surprised that my favorite part of this challenge has not been in the actual books. It has been reading them with my own kids, and teaching them about the Caldecott Medal. Tonight my five year old and two year old were looking at the medals on the books and sorting them into two piles (Medal Winners and Honor Books--by the color of the medals). I guess the math teacher is still in me--as my heart soared to see this sort (and with books no less). While they were working away,  my husband shouted from the kitchen, "Does the Caldecott winner have to be illustrated by the author?" My salesman of a husband is even getting involved with this challenge

The kids and their favorites so far (I am partial to these as well)
Tonight we all reflected on the challenge so far.  My kids haven't read all of the books (more on Animals from the Bible  and They Were Strong and Good in another post) but we rated our favorites that we had read. "I think I'm going to have a lot of favorites.  I love reading," said F. as we discussed which book was our favorite so far (F. liked April's Kittens and Madeline) (O. likes Wee Gillis) I can't say that I disagree with their choices.  These books have kid appeal, and the pictures are beautiful.  We have a lot more to go though!

So tonight, we read some more Caldecottes, and loved every minute of it.

Tonight we read Mei Li and Andy and the Lion--both were enjoyed by all!

Some favorite illustrations from April's Kittens (last nights read)--Aren't those cats adorable!

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  1. Great post! It's fun to see what still has appeal with our kids today!