Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bibliographies--Oh My!

The fifth graders are starting their first research project.  I have been collaborating with their teacher to work on information literacy skills with them.  Citing Sources in the correct format is a new and big skill for 5th graders.  Here is what we did:

  1. During Library time, students learned the parts of a book--including Title, author, publisher, and copyright date
  2. The classroom teacher and I met together and taught the students about citing sources.  I taught them how to cite a book, print encyclopedia, and online resources (like encyclopedias and databases).  I modeled each type of source--and then they tried on their own. With two sets of hands--we were able to check in with each student.  (A surprise parent volunteer helped us speed things along even more!)
  3. The classroom teacher then taught the students note taking skills in the classroom.
  4. Students came to the library to begin their research.  While their teacher helped them take notes--I checked their bibliographies and helped as needed.

Students will continue researching, and later collaborate with final presentations.  I am excited to see this next step!

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