Monday, November 14, 2011

Yeah for Student Choice Awards!

This past week 3rd through 6th graders were introduced to the Maude Harte Lovelace (MHL) Awards.  I explained the award to classes (The MHL is a student choice award for the state of MN).  Students must read at least three of the twelve nominated books and they vote in March.  My coworkers and I have been busy gathering and creating book trailers for both divisions (3-5 and 6-8).  Students marked down which books they were interested in reading on their bookmark.

In fourth grade, students were super excited because they were given their Destiny Quest Loggin and password.  This allows them to place books on hold themselves.  Yeah for them, and yeah for me!  Although the request list this week is exceptionally long (I think they were purposefully looking for books to put on hold)--I am happy that they can use this important library skill.

Fourth Graders with their new bookmarks and loggins.

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