Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Alphabet Order

My third graders have been working on locating books in the fiction section.  Previously, we had learned about call numbers and finding books using the authors last name on a call number.  I noticed that many of the students were having a difficult time with alphabet order out to the 3rd letter.  So, this week students pretended to be librarians.  We first reviewed and practiced together putting different call numbers in alphabet order.  (They thought it was quite cool that the call numbers I made up were the 3rd grade teachers names.)  I then gave student pairs six books (at least 2 of them had call numbers that went out to the 3rd letter) to place in alphabet order.  They did a great job of working together and practicing this important skill.  We still have work to do on using the guide letters on the shelve.  These kids will be pros in no time.

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