Thursday, June 2, 2016

In 6th grade, students studied various topics linked to the time period of World War I, Boom and Bust (1920’s and 1930’s ) as well as World War II. They gathered research around three areas in class. S 

I then pushed into their classrooms and taught students how to use GOOGLE SITES through their GOOGLE APPs accounts. Students created different layouts and themes. They also created multiple pages to share their information. Students learned how to create titles, tabs, locate and insert pictures and track sources.

1.Wade Thomas (6T)17.Jake Lee (6T)33.Sophia D.
2.Natalie R. (6R)18.Nina de los Reyes (6T)34.Bergen Haag (6R)
3.Olivia Gentile (6T)19.Michael O' neal (6T)35.Ethan A.
4.Ian Bardeaux20.Lucy Koncar (6T)36.Quinn W.
5.Kenton Christensen (6T)21.Ava Negrete (6T)37.Kristina H. (6R)
6.Gavin Abbe (6T)22.Tamara Brito (6T)38.Josh L. (6R)
7.Halle Wright (6T)23.Erin Devaney (6T)39.Sawyer C. (6R)
8.Gabi Juan- castellanos24.Arissa Mcquerry (6T)40.Liam M.
9.Mauricio Hermann (6T)25.Nichole Murphy (6T)41.Anwar M. (6R)
10.Austin26.Emily Yoon (6T)42.Ju- Yeon H. 6R
11.Tito Chagil- Mason (6t)27.Christopher S (6R)43.Alexandra F. 6R
12.Hattie Mae DeVries (6T)28.Clayton T (6R)44.Nina P. (6R)
13.Benjamin Dahlof (6T)29.Josh Banaszak (6T)45.Gabriel F.
14.Michael O' neal30.Takoda R.46.Juan J-C( 6R)
15.Raul Mendoza (6T)31.Alexis J. (6R)

16.Massan Slimani (6T)32.Gina D.  

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