Friday, June 3, 2016

2nd Grade Tech Projects

This year, 2nd grade teachers tried a couple of new apps to share student learning.

Ms. Olson had her class write about what they were proud of this year. The students came to the library and took their own photos of their work and then used FOTOBABBLE to create sharable presentations. If you are looking for the app for your iPad, it is technically an iPhone app--so you need to search accordingly. It took me a while to find it, so hopefully that saves some time.

Here is a link to her projects. It takes a few minutes to load up, but they are so cute--so let them load up!

Mrs. Anderson's class went outside and took notes about an object found in nature. Then they wrote haikus about the objects. I then taught students how to take photos using the iPad. We then went outsid and took photos of our object in nature.  Next, we logged on to Haiku Deck, uploaded the picture, typed poems and then published them.  We had some minor technical difficulties-- but students were patient and we got it done. Click here to see 2A Haiku Deck Projects. They are beautiful!

These were fun projects. It is so much fun to collaborate with these classrooms.

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