Friday, March 23, 2012

Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce author of the Big Nate Series visited Brimhall today. What an exciting day for our students and staff.  I love seeing the smiles on kids faces as they see a person they admire. It always surprises me when I meet authors to realize that they are just normal people like the rest of us. I love that kids today get this opportunity--it gives them great role models, and provides them with ideas for their futures.

Lincoln creates the Big Nate comic strips for the paper as well as his books. He taught us some cartooning today. It was incredible to see what a few lines could do to completely change a picture.

We learned that Cartoonists like to show in simple ways things that happen in real life. For example, they might draw a light bulb to show ideas, of a 'z' in a speech bubble to show that someone is sleeping. Lincoln also showed us a lot of symbols that cartoonists use to show that different things are going on. Many of our students knew a lot about cartooning.

We played "The Scribble Game" to warm up--turning a scribble into a drawing. Lincoln then helped us draw a picture of a guy getting hit in the head with a baseball--we practiced using all sorts of different uses of lines, symbols. and facial expressions. Then we learned how to draw Nate from his books using a routine.

We all learned a lot, had fun drawing, and had a great day in the library.  (Look for a link in an upcoming post...Lincoln said he would feature us in a blog post this weekend!!)

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