Friday, March 2, 2012

Hubbs Conference

Last weekend I attended the Hubbs Conference for Childrens's Literature. Newbery Winners Linda Sue Park and Christopher Paul Curtis were key note speakers.  Wow! I also got to meet Kelly Barnhill a Minnesota author--who was extremely nice.

Meeting people that I feel like I know because I love their books is like a little slice of Heaven--truly authors are my rock stars.

Linda Sue Park and Christopher Paul Curtis gave inspiring speeches filled with emotion.  After lunch, I went to breakout sessions with each author with groups as small as ten people and got to have conversations with real live authors about their books and their writing process.  What an experience!

Some of my favorite quotes of the day:

"Any kind of writing you do is practice." --Curtis explaining why writing each day is important.
"It doesn't cost a penny to be kind."--Curtis

"I want reading to take me somewhere else." --Park when discussing reading books that were different than her own life experience.
"Gosh mom, think of all the kids who are now going to be forced to read your book." --Park telling us what her son said to her when she recieved the Newbery Medal. 

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  1. What a fun day! Your quotes are some of the ones that stick in my mind too. I love the intimacy of the Hubbs Conference (and the lasagna lunch was excellent too!)