Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wonderstruck--That's Me!

Me and Brian Selznick
If it is possible to like Wondersruck even more than I did when I first read it--I now do.  Tonight I went to see Brian Selznick with my friends and coworkers Laura and Rozzie.  Thanks Laura for the tickets!

I loved the book when I read it yesterday (while thick it only took about 2 hours!)  After hearing Selznick do a reading from the start of the book and talk about his writing process the complexity of the novel made me appreciate it even more.  I loved seeing how he put together words and pictures.  I got the chance to ask a question (thrills!) and asked which he did first--the pictures or the words.  Selznick told us that he first made a narrative and then drew sketches and then later decided how they would best fit together.  He showed a clip from the upcoming film of Hugo Caberet which I didn't even know was coming out (where have I been?!) 

Wonderstruck took three years to create--and every bit of effort shows in the final product!  I was especially facinated that the idea for the book stemmed from a ducumentary he saw on the deaf.  I was intrigued to learn that he created a deaf character in Wonderstruck because after Hugo Caberet was published many people told him that the images seemed quiet or silent to them, and he wanted to encorporate that feel into a part of the story--so that we as readers felt like the character.  I felt this as a reader in Wonderstruck--genious.

As I stood in line to get my picture taken and my books signed--one might say I was "wonderstruck."  Selznick had a great sense of humor, he spoke well, and he is a writer I greatly admire.  What a fun Sunday night!

Rozzie and Selznick
Laura and B. Selznick
**Addition to post:  (Monday) 
I stopped at Barnes and Noble to get a few books on my way home tonight.  I knew that Brian Selznick was speaking there this evening--but I thought I was too late to see if his presentation was any different.  As I was looking through the children's section, I saw him looking at a stack of his books that he had just signed.  I was trying very hard not to spy.  As he was shopping and looking for some books he asked the clerk what the predecessor to "Ok for Now" was.  She didn't know--so I gave a shout out to "Wednesday Wars"--which he then bought (I would have told any customer this information).  On my way out, he was in the line area near me, and I told him that I had  enjoyed his presentation last night--and that I was buying one more copy of "Wonderstruck."  He then asked if I wanted it personalized--so the Brimhall kids got a second signed copy.  Yeah!

Is this how other people feel about movie stars and athletes?!  I get this excited every time I meet an author or illustrator--Yeah for creative people!

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