Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a Book Fair!

Wow!  What a week..... I chaired my first Book Fair....and I am exhausted! I know that all 700+ students were in here at least once this week, and it seems as though most of their parents have been as well.  Our school sold a lot of books, which is great for the library.  On Day One my excitement was as high as the is slowly fading.  I bought a ton for the library. My stack of books to read is rapidly growing--I can't wait to read The Chronicles of Harris Burdick.  (Which I found out is not being released in stores until October 25th--but was sold at our book fair!)  It looks awesome.  

My little girl F. came to buy some books last night, and then she stayed to help me close down.  As I peeked into her room before I went to bed this is what I saw.   F. sleeping with one of her new books beside her.

If all of our students felt this excited about their new books--all the hard work was totally worth it.  Cheers for new books!

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