Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Podcasts With 3rd Grade

In 3rd grade students researched people that changed history. Our research process focused more on using a new type of resource (the online encyclopedia) as in second grade students had a lot of experience using books, ebooks, and databases (PebbleGo).

I first taught students what an encyclopedia was, and we did an encyclopedia scavenger hunt. Then students learned how to use the online Encyclopedia Britanica. Students practiced using the online encyclopedia with me to research Nelson Mandela. They also practiced looking up other history makers in the classroom.

The students then got to choose a history maker to research. In library they used the computers to research using the online encyclopedia.

For their final product, students wrote paragraphs about their famous person which they turned into podcasts made in Clips.  Students listened to podcasts and learned the communication skills needed to project their voice and to teach people about their topics.  Classes brainstormed what makes a good podcast and tried to incorporate an introduction and conclusion into their podcast research. Classes made titles to fit their class podcast. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

Mrs. Bros's Podcast - "Listen to Me"

Ms. Plana's Podcast - "What Did They Do?"

Mr. Hessler's Podcast - "Research Reputation"

Mr. Sweeny's Podcast 

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