Friday, April 13, 2018

Little Bird Tales

In kindergarten students have been learning that non-fiction books give use information. Students have been learning about the biomes of Minnesota in their classes. In library, we practiced reading for information. We learned that researchers can use the pictures to help get facts. Reading pictures is one of the ways that we read books.

Students were each given a Minnesota animal to become experts on. In library they found out: What does my animal look like, what does it eat, and where does it live.

In class students then wrote about their animals and drew a picture. In library with lots of parent helpers (Yeah for HELPERS!), students then used 
Little Bird Tales to create an online report of their learning. We then had our grown-ups help us record our voices.

Click your child's class to see and hear what we learned! Make sure to TURN UP YOUR VOLUME!

Mrs. Alberts Class
Mrs. Kong's Class
Mrs. Mohamed's Class
Mrs. Showalter's Class
Ms. Tyrer's Class

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