Monday, November 14, 2016


Sixth graders have been leaning about the Voyageurs in their Social Studies Class. For their final project, students were asked to journal in the voice of a voyageur.

Students typed their entries up in class, and their teacher and I worked with them to create a blog using blogger. We learned that:

  • Blogs are a more informal way of communicating online
  • Blogs are like a journal with newest entries on the top of the page
  • Blogs are used for many reasons (hobbies, teaching tool, journal...)
  • Blogs are a way to publish online-- some people are even paid to blog!
  • Blogs are a type of digital media and are interactive
  • Blogs are fun and easy to make

1.Anna 6MW29.Lucia 6r57.Joshlyn 6T
2.Hannah 6M/ W30.Chaoming Yang 6R58.Matthew 6T
3.Tyler31.Avery 6R59.Sam L 6T
4.Second 6MW32.Neya 6R60.Ansel 6t
5.Falnyi 6mw33.Juan6R61.Sydney 6T
6.Yaseen 6mw34.Anthony 6R62.Landon
7.landon 6mw35.Citlaly6r63.Johannes 6T
8.Adrian 6mw36.Amir64.Alex 6T
9.Maceo 6MW37.Everett 6R65.Kaylee6T
10.Anwar 6MW38.Chaoming Yang6R66.Jana 6T
11.Alicia 6MW39.Ronan 6R67.Layla 6t
12.Samuel 6mw40.Jino68.Abby 6T
13.Velvet 6MW41.Melala 6R69.Darius 6t
14.William 6MW42.Haneen 6r70.Ellie 6T
15.Oliver 6MW43.Olivia 6R71.Sophia 6T
16.Lily 6MW44.Grayson 6R72.Dylan 6T
17.Sara 6-MW45.Meric73.charlie6T
18.Austin 6mw46.Hadi 6R74.Sadiq A
19.Eli 6MW47.Stephen 6R75.Camille6T
20.Kacia6mw48.Jino 6R76.Matt 6T
21.AJ 6mw49.Amir77.Mason
22.alexandro6mw50.Kaylee 6R78.Ansel 6T
23.Anna 6R51.Anna 6T79.Evie6t
24.Toby 6R52.Brandon 6t80.Alejandra 6t
25.Nathan 6R53.Nathaniel 6T81.Alexy 6T
26.Daniela 6R54.Holden 6t82.owen 6T
27.Xiaohuai 6R55.amaya6t

28.Sadie 6R56.JT 6T


  1. Thx so much Ms.Zbanick!!!!! You're the best!!!

  2. This was awsome!!!