Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brimhall Book Bowling

The last week of May was Brimhall's first ever Library Book Bowling. Students in every grade have been trained in using the library this year. As a culminating event to show what they had learned I had a Book Bowl off in the library. I saw this idea on Tina Benedek's library blog and modified her Biography Bowling Activity.
Mr. Thomas hoping for a strike!

Each grade had a different task they were assigned to find in the library:
  • Kindergarten= a book that had a call number that started with a specific letter of the alphabet (worked in pairs- given 2 cards)
  • 1st= a specific Everybody Book (worked in pairs- given 2 cards)
  • 2nd= a specific Fiction Book
  • 3rd= a specific Non-fiction Book
  • 4th= given a name of a famous person, had to look it up in the catalog and find me a biography
  • 5th and 6th= given a title, looked it up in the catalog then found the book. 5th graders were given an extra minute.
I made cards with information about different books in the library. I handed them out to students and then set my timer while students frantically tried to find the book they were assigned. When the timer went off, classes were given 1 point for each book found. One bowling pin was awarded for each

Classes were then given the opportunity for a bowling BONUS! Teachers had two chances to knock down their class pins to add onto the point totals. My favorite part of the activity was seeing the teacher different reactions to bowling for their classes-- from excitement to pure nerves-- they all ended up having fun!

Using the catalog to find materials.

Checking the score

Looking for books!
Looking for books!
Ms. McCormick warms up.
Checking the score

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  1. Hello,
    Happy New Year! I just came across your post and I love the idea of book bowling! I understand how the students get points, but does the number of correct answers also determine the number of pins? So if 8 questions are answered correctly, that means you put out 8 pins? Just making sure I understand the rules :). Thanks!