Friday, February 7, 2014

Brimhall Bonanza K-2

 We had our K-2 Brimhall Bonanza last night. What a fun event. I always love to see kids engaging with their families around reading and math. I also enjoyed connecting with all of our families.

We had a Bonanza theme (western wear was optional). Our staff came together to create stations for each grade level around reading and math. At the end of the night, parents connected with one another and played a "Get to Know You Bingo," while their kiddos practiced a couple of songs.

My crew at the Bonanza (I have a 1st grader at BH)
In the library, I hosted a bonus book check out for students to teach their parents how the library works. A campfire read (fire shown on Smart board--Yeah for people that post YouTube videos of crackling campfires!), iPad EveryDay Math games, and BookFlix. I got to meet a ton of parents and make some connections. Classroom teachers said their rooms were bustling.

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