Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Encyclopedias With Fourth Grade

In fourth grade this past week we learned about Reference Materials. I found this great slideshare about print and digital encyclopedias on Pinterest that I shared with my students. I love when people share their resources!

I then taught my students how to use our online database encyclopedias using keywords. Students tried to answer some basic questions as a quick scavenger hunt to practice the skills. It was fun and informative.


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  2. During my student teaching I had my students do a dictionary game because throughout the semester it was clear they did not know how to use one. Which is common with this generation because we are driven by technology. This assignment allows the students to pick up an encyclopedia, which I was raised on, and find information on their own. They cannot use Google or Wikipedia. I believe a lot more teachers need to incorporate more of these lessons in their classrooms.