Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally Some More Caldecotts

We have been reading Caldecotts...as you can see they were such a hit, they were reread by my five year old.

Mother Goose (1945 Honor) Tasha Tudor

High This delightful book of rhymes was a huge hit for both of my kiddos. They loved that it had many "chapters," since there was a table of contents in the front. They also loved reciting the rhymes that they knew. A huge hit was "Ding dong bell, pussy's in the well..." which my mother had just taught them the prior week.
Low  I was unfamiliar with many of the rhymes, and had a difficult time finding the rhyme and rhythm of them.
Many Moons (1944 Winner) by James Thurber, Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin
High This clever little tale about a spoiled princess that wants the moon had a fun story that both my kids enjoyed. Above, Frankie is pointing to her favorite illustration of the princess in her bed. Notice all of the pink. We read this story three nights in a row.
Low We read this story three nights in a row.  (kind of long....and predictable)

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