Friday, September 30, 2011


This past week I read my primary students Swim! Swim! by James Proimos.  It is quite humorous--and yet to me, the humor was in hear the giggles that abounded and the knees that were slapped as Lerch swims with his new lady fish friend.

Along with hearing a great story, and laughing together, the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders are learning about call numbers and how they work in the Everybody Section.

Third through sixth graders are learning/reviewing how to find books in the fiction section.

Working as a team

We found our book!

Using author's last name and alphabet order

Using Call Numbers
UPDATE: I have had so many requests for my powerpoint for this activity, that I am putting a link up on my GOOGLE DOCS. Please note, you will have to download the slideshow. I noticed that much of my punctuation got messed up, and tuned into letters-- so please look it over and fix any errors. The place that says "Super Librarian" is where I have my own name typed in. Please feel free to change any images or wording to fit your own library. After teaching this lesson many times, I have noticed that students have the most difficult time finding books that are represented by a dash on the guide sticker. I would recommend directly teaching this.

Even the books are stacked up!
We miss Mrs. M. (check out this line!)
On a side note, it has been extremely busy in the library--especially when Mrs. M. is gone to help with MAP testing.  This is a frequent scene, as I try to check everyone out.  I am not nearly as skilled as she is as getting the students through the line in a speedy way!  Notice the books piling up to be checked in...yeah for MAP!

I have also been updating my book trailers, and making some of my own.  Check it out!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Me in the Library...Again!

Oct 23 '87   Anna Z.      3-S
A small moment of joy.  Here I am on line number 3 circa 1987 checking out "Nancy Drew--Secret of the Golden Pavilion."  I get a little rush each time a student brings me a book and I see myself (here in the 3rd grade) on an old catalog card.  We don't use these cards anymore, but some old classics are still in my old library,  Not many librarians are lucky enough to work in the place that helped them love reading.  What a small moment, that brought back a lot of great memories.  Thanks fourth grade girls for asking me if we had any "Nancy Drew."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walk This Way.

It has been a great first few weeks in the library this year.

My first big project, and my first iMovie.  A lot of fun to make, but I hope I get a little bit quicker.  I had my students star in this short video about the expectations in the library.  Respect.  Responsibility.  Best Effort.  Care of Property.  Safety.

Enjoy, and walk this way!